eat bread...drink coffee

Friday, March 11, 2011

i wonder what will make me happy

Thursday, December 02, 2010

wants to run away from it all

should i give up?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Oh my gosh, i havent updated this blog in almost 2 months. Ahh..i think time passes too quickly. Im flying off in 3 days. But it's weird that im not actually that scared yet. In fact im really looking forward to the start of school. I think it'll only sink in when im in uk that i wont see my family and many of my pals till 9 months later.

Anw, i've been pretty busy recently with meeting up with frens, homework and trying to pack. Oh my, i still have more than half my hw left and my bag's still quite empty. Really hope everything will fit in. Imagine, my life for 9 months in 30kg.

Oh yes how could i forget....I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Now who wants to lend me their car? Haha finally i can stop going to eunos. Pretty sian going there so often alr.

Ok at least i've finally written something and revive this place. Im still thinking whether i shld go pack or do my work or sleep. Oh well...see how.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

just had "class" outing at bugis fisherios and some hong kong shop on liang seah street. Haven't met some of them in damn long and it was sure great to see everyone again. But attendence for class outings have been getting sad...kinda miss the earlier days in the year when more than half the class attended. In fact....i still miss jc days alot =(
I suddenly miss many of my friends. School's starting soon for those studying in Singapore and it's getting harder and harder to meet up. With others flying to countries all over the world, who knows when and how often we'll get to see each other again? Furthermore, it's finally starting to sink in that im leaving in less than 2 months. I'll definitely miss my mum and dad, my sis, missy and cassie, my friends and the comfort of home. It didnt seem that big a deal previously but it's somewhat daunting now. I wonder what uni would be like...without the protective and somewhat spoon-feeding environment that we're so used to...and in a foreign country.

Anw life's been rather mundane. Driving, going out with friends, dancing and skating a little, reading, eating (too much) and slacking. I guess i should start on the thick blue book from cambridge with loads of maths and physics questions and study for my FTT as well. After 8 months of not studying i dun think i'll be having an easy time. Oh well...

Im starting to miss my friends...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it's exactly 10 weeks from today till i leave

Sunday, July 06, 2008

i think im starting to get use to life as an unemployed slacker. Staying at home, watching tv, reading, jogging, going out with frens, driving lessons etc etc.

So driving lessons have been pretty exciting. So far it's still been pretty basic stuff like moving off, stopping, changing gears and stuff. But going out to the main road on the 2nd lesson was really fun and not as scary as i tot it would be...since the whole line of cars was mainly made up of learner drivers anyway. The one big problem i have is that i always stall the car. It's like i release the clutch so slowly in the beginning that the car in front has already move off quite a bit. So naturally i'll panic abit and release it too fast...then the car stalls. And it tends to occur at the most crucial at junctions. But still..i love driving! Also, i always meet familier ppl everytime i go to the driving yishi, amy and some other schoolmates or seniors.

Anw..the wimbledon men's final match has just been suspended due to rain. Thankfully...coz the way things were going it seem like nadal was going to win. GOOO Federer! Actually i didnt follow the match, just watch it every now and then but it's exciting nonetheless. I had a good shock just now when i changed to starsports and saw them covering the court. For a moment i tot the match was over. Go federer!!

With more happy news...Jay Chou won the Best Composer and Best Song awards at the Golden Melody Awards for Blue and White Porcelain (青花瓷) which just happens to be one of my favourite songs. And his partner Vincent Fang (方文山) also won the title of Best Lyricist for the same song. Yay!!

Ok i have nothing else to blog bout...might as well put the lyrics down here:





from http:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i suddenly have the urge to splurge. The word 'SALE' does get a little tempting sometimes doesnt it? Unfortunately, it all comes when im unemployed. There's driving class, dance at jitterbugs and shopping. Im getting poorer by the day. I need a job!!

Anw first driving class tmr!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

im so sad. This week there's ppl to go out with, but im sick and cannot go. Was suppose to go out with some classmates on monday but decided not to coz im sick. Yesterday i left early from chinese dance gathering coz wasnt feeling well. And thx zx for waiting for taxi with me =)) Then today couldnt join the girls for movie coz..well u guessed still sick =(( How depressing. pic from yesterday's gathering:

yup...nothing much to blog bout today. Still unemployed and slacking at home. Oh yeah..i just got invited to jtc's D&D. exciting =) Ok...that's all. Bye.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i've been bickering with them too much recently.

Anw, these few days have been abit more happening. Suddenly my schedule seems alot more exciting and i dunno whether to go find a job and start now or wait till july when that ielts thing is over. Though i dun really like the fact that im just staying at home wasting my time away. I've been spending on shopping and stuff like dance classes with no income coming in. $$$.

I've finally gone to sign up for driving lessons on sat. Gonna chiong everything in 3 months and hopfeully can pass la. If not have to pay more and continue next holiday when im back. btt is this friday. But shld be fine rite. If everything goes well...practical test is like 4 days b4 my supposed date of departure. Haha.

Ok, so I didnt do much this few days. Spent yesterday afternoon with the girls transfering photos from the switaly trip. But at least it wasnt spent lazing ard at home. Then today went to find my ban4 niang2 dress at the bridal shop.

Aiyah nothing to blog bout alr. Shall attempt to go read the btt book now. Ciao

Friday, June 13, 2008

everyday i either eat out by myself or eat dinner after 9pm
im not enjoying my unemployment anymore.
too bored.
nothing to do, no one to go out with, no money to shop, nothing to shop for
i've watched the same scene in the hk drama 4 times alr
not happy